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In the grand tradition of "2001 - A Chicken Odyssey" a new adventure -

Picture by Bert Filemyr - April 2001 Chickens

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Picture by Karl Lukens - April 2001


A group of friends from the Philadelphia area on a shared expense journey around Colorado and western Kansas seeking out and enjoying the area's bird species.


Leaving on Monday April 7, 2008, returning Thursday April 17, 2008

Major Goals:

Have fun, learn, see the following...........Greater Sage Grouse, Gunnison Sage Grouse, Greater Praire Chicken, Lesser Prairie Chicken, Dusky Grouse, Sharp-tailed Grouse, White-tailed Ptarmigan, Black Rosy-Finch, Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch, Brown-capped Rosy-Finch, Chukar, etc.


Bob Cohen - Trip co-leader, co-lead loadmaster, back up driver
Bert Filemyr - Trip co-leader, general coordination, website, checklist, vehicle arrangements, primary driver
Connie Goldman - Trip co-leader, back up driver, flight coordinator,
co-housing coordinator, leking behavior expert, Rosy-Finch expert, Colorado mammal expert, trip report writer
Jane Henderson - Trip co-leader, Colorado arts expert, Colorado geology expert, Arapahoe Indian expert
Karl Lukens - Trip co-leader, co-lead loadmaster
Ann Scott
- Trip co-leader, purser
, prairie habitat expert, alpine habitat expert, Colorado butterfly expert, co-housing coordinator



Rooming Plan
Ann and Connie
Jane and Bob
Bert and Karl



Wray Chamber of Commerce (Greater Prairie Chickens)
Gunnison Sage Grouse Viewing
Colorado Birding Trails
Birding in Colorado


Colorado Field Ornithologists - Birding by county
Colorado Birding Society

Colorado List Serves, Message Boards

Colorado Birding List
Colorado Birders


Colorado Habitat Stamps - will be needed by Bert, Ann, Connie




Targeting information;

Target Locations Day Comments
Greater Prairie Chicken Northeast Colorado
Wray Chamber of Commerce
 7 Leks
Lesser Prairie Chicken Southeast Colorado, Kansas
Cimmaron National Grassland
 9 Leks
Greater Sage Grouse North central Colorado
Hayden area - Click here
 6 Leks
Gunnison Sage Grouse Near Gunnison
 3 Leks
Sharp-tailed Grouse Hayden area - Click here  5 Leks
Dusky Grouse

West of Gunnison
Hayden area - Click here

 3, 5 Does not use leks
White-tailed Ptarmigan Loveland Pass, Guanella Pass  2,10, 11 Mountain passes
Chukar Coal Canyon
From Grand Junction take I-70 east to the Cameo exit, cross the Colorado River and drive past the Public Service power plant. Stay on the main road. The road will veer westward for approximately 1.5 miles where you will come to a very obvious parking area.
 4 Possible
Pinyon Jays Buena Vista 2, 10 Two shots at this
Mountain Plover Pawnee National Grasslands 6, 7 Two shots at this
Longspurs Pawnee National Grasslands 6, 7 Two shots at this
Rosy-Finches Near Boulder (Allenspark)
Crested Butte
1, 3, 7 Feeders




Centennial by James A. Michener


Rocky Mountain High by John Denver (see also)
Guess He'd Rather Be in Colorado by John Denver



Denver Average Temperatures
Georgetown Average Temperatures
Wray Average Temperatures
Gunnison Average Temperatures
Grand Junction Average Temperatures
Hayden Average Temperatures
Elkhart (Kansas) Average Temperatures


Clear Creek County Road Department


Sunrise and Sunset Times

All times are for April 12, 2008
All times are for Rocky Mountain Time. One night we will be in Central Time Zone (Elkhart Kansas)
Daylight Savings Time will be in effect

Sunrise (important)

Gunnison (Gunnison Sage Grouse Lek) - Sunrise 6:35 am
Hayden (Sharptailed Grouse Lek) - Sunrise 6:34 am
Craig (Greater Sage Grouse Lek) - Sunrise 6:36 am
Wray (Greater Prairie Chicken Lek) - Sunrise 6:15 am
Elkhart (Lesser Prairie Chicken Lek) - Sunrise 6:19 am

Sunset (not as important)

Denver - 7:36 pm