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White-winged Crossbill photographed by Karl Lukens during Niagara 2008

New York State, USA - Ontario Province, CA

December 7-10 (Monday to Thursday) , 2009

Concept: A shared expenses mid-week trip to the Niagara Falls area for gulls, waterfowl and rarities.

Participants: Bert Filemyr, Ann Scott, Connie Goldman, Karl Lukens

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Trip Report by Connie Goldman
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Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Day 4
Combined Days 1-4


Updates "From The Road"

Update #1 12/7
Update #2 12/8
Update #3 12/9
Update #4 12/10


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The Trip - A plan develops. We have two full days in the Niagara area. We will spend one day birding the length of the Niagara River. The other day will be spend along the shoreline of Lake Ontario and inland locations. If rarities are in the area we will be working them into the schedule

Night in
Straight driving distance
Day 1
Drive to Niagara Falls
Leave Meadowbrook 6:00 am. Possible Birding Locations:
Route 81
NY Thruway
LaSalle Park (NY)
Bird Island Pier
Jeager Rocks
Niagara Parkway
Legends on the Niagara Colf Course
Chippewa Feeders
Control Gates
Dufferin Natural Area
Sir Adam Beck Overlook
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Hampton Inn - North of the Falls
435 miles (6.5 hours)
Day 2

Birding along the shoreline of Lake Ontario.


Sir Adam Beck Overlook
Millen Street Access
Bronte Harbor
Bronte Creek Park
Patterson Tract
LaSalle Park (Ont.)
Hamilton Lift Bridge
Ginger's Feeder

Niagara Falls, Ontario
Hampton Inn - North of the Falls
Day 3

Bird the Niagara River (south to north), evening flyby


Sir Adam Beck Overlook
Shakespeare Road Area Feeders
Walker Road Area
Queenston Docks
Legends on the Niagara Golf Course
Chippewa Feeders
Dufferin Natural Area
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Hampton Inn - North of the Falls

Day 4

Drive home, stopping for birding in NY State
Dufferin Natural Area
Sir Adam Beck Overlook
East River Drive - Grand Island
White Chapel Memorial Park
Batavia Wastewater Management Area
Montezuma NWR
Home sweet home
418 miles (6.5 hours).



Monday Morning - Karl will spend Sunday evening at Bert's house. Connie will be at Bert's by 6 am Monday morning. We will pick up Ann in Lansdale between 6:30 and 6:45 am.
Thursday - We should be back in the Philadelphia area by late afternoon / early evening. We will call from the road as we know our timing.

We will be taking the PA turnpike northbound. The first place for bathrooms/coffee is Allentown Service Plaza (Hickory Run is closed). We will be stopping for coffee and bathroom breaks as appropriate.
Tuesday - Thursday breakfasts will be at our lodging.
This will be a trip of simple lunches (probably Tim Horton's).
Dinners will be at appropriate restaurants.

Karl and Bert in one room. Connie and Ann in another.

There is Internet access at the Inn
All lodging expenses are shared equally

Documentation - IMPORTANT
Bring your passport. You need this to enter Canada and then to reenter the US.

Gas, Tolls, etc.
Since this is a “shared expenses trip” we will keep track of tolls, gas, parking, etc. After the trip we will figure out each person’s share.

Weather Contingency Plan
We are going.

Dress warm, be prepared for dampness, we all know the drill.

On Monday, when we arrive in the Niagara Falls area, we will be getting out of the van, getting our coats, gloves and hats on and starting birding immediately. It will not be possible to do a full change of clothes. Travel in clothes for birding.

This is an unusual birding trip because luggage should not be an issue. There will be plenty of room in the van on the way up and back. During the trip our luggage can stay in rooms - Yea!

This is a scope intensive trip. Bring yours.

Cocktail Hours
Bert and Karl will bring Gin. All are welcome to partake. If you want something else, bring it along. Connie and Ann have volunteered to bring snacks.

A checklist will be made up and distributed the first night. Connie will do the first day, Karl the second, Ann the third. On the fourth day we will do it jointly in the van.

The van has an input for an iPod and has a CD player. It also has satellite radio so we should be able to find something we all like.

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Tim Horton's (The Wawa / Dunkin Donuts of the north)