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Saturday June 15 - Sunday June 23, 2013
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Pictures by
Les and Bert Filemyr

by Carol Kovanda

Bird Pictures
by Bert Filemyr






Upcoming Dates
Fall 2013
October 6-13, 2013
(Confirmed 1/12)

June 2014
June 21-29, 2014
(confirmed 6/12)

June 2015
June 20-28 2015
(Confirmed 6/13)

From the Archives

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The Silver Buckle Award

Current Holder of the Award
Leslie Filemyr

(This award goes to the group member who has made the most recent "power dismount"*. A framed picture of a "power dismount" taken at a professional rodeo event is hung with honor in the cabin of the current award holder.)

Past Holders of the Silver Buckle Award
Bert Filemyr (2012) (Twice)
Georgia Johnson (2102)
Bert Filemyr (2012)
Tammy Fox (2011)

Bruce Johnson (2010)

Michael Warren (2010)
Leslie Filemyr (2008)
Honorable Mentions
(These people had "power dismounts" before
the award was formally established in 2008)
Ed Filemyr
Evan Johnson
Carol Kovanda
Mark Ludvigson
Tom Plumley
Sabine Speer
Barton Truscott

* The Rules/Protest Committee has determined that....
1. Any unplanned dismount that causes a person to land on a part of their body other than in a balanced position on their feet is considered a "Silver Buckle" dismount.
2. If by chance two or more people experience a power dismount as the result of the same event, the last person who hits the ground will be awarded the "Silver Buckle".


Google Map
Bull Hill Guest Ranch and surrounding landmarks - Click Here

Some Of Our Favorite Rides
If you have Google Earth installed on your computer you should be able to click on these files (choose "open") and see our routes.

2012 GPS Log / Phone Log

Lake / Hoodoo
2011 Fall

Monahan's / Barton's Corner
2010 Fall
2011 #2
2011 Fall

Monahan's / Blizzard
2011 Fall

Moses Overlook
2010 Fall

Moving Cattle
2010 To Crown Creek Meadows
2010 To Lake Area
2010 To Clearcut above Pences
2011 To Crown Creek
2012 From Moses to Gold Creek
2012 From Pete's to Gold Creek

Overlook Above Pete's

Pepoon Canyon
2010 Fall

River Ride
2010 Fall

Rose Ranch
2010 Fall
2010 Fall #2
2011 Fall
2012 GPS Log / Phone Log

Sleepy Hollow
2012 GPS Log / Phone Log

Slim's (only to the cabin, no clearcuts)
2011 Fall

Tom's Ride
2010 Fall
2012 GPS Log / Phone Log