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The Silver Buckle Award
Current Holder of the Award -
Tammy Fox (2011)
(This award goes to the group member who has made the most recent "power dismount". A framed picture of a "power dismount" taken at a professional rodeo event is hung with honor in the cabin of the current award holder.)
Past Holders of the Silver Buckle Award
Bruce Johnson (2010)
Michael Warren (2010
Leslie Filemyr (2008)
Honorable Mentions
(These people had "power dismounts" before
the award was formally established in 2008)
Ed Filemyr
Evan Johnson
Carol Kovanda
Mark Ludvigson
Tom Plumley
Sabine Speer
Barton Truscott


Bull Hill Guest Ranch 2011
Saturday June 18 to Sunday June 26, 2011

Click Here to access the Private Section of this website

Click Here for a Google Map of the Bull Hill Guest Ranch area
(Work in progress)

Plan Now For Bull Hill 2012 -
Saturday June 16 to Sunday June 24, 2012

New for 2011
Bull Hill Horses - June, 2011
Pictures by Les Filemyr

Pictures from 2011
Pictures by Les and Bert Filemyr
Pictures by Georgia Johnson
Pictures by Denise Warren
Bird Pictures by Bert Filemyr

The 2011 Video!
"Forever Young at Bull Hill 2011" - a video by Deidre Quinlan
FYI: The following songs are featured on the video
"Forever Young" by Audra Mae & The Forest Rangers
"When I'm Ridin' I'm Right" by Wylie Gustafson


Google Earth Maps of Several Rides Taken During the Week
Bert carries a small GPS tracker while riding. This provides us with a track of many of the trails in the area. But there are times he forgets to turn it on and sometimes it does not pick up an accurate signal. Heavy woods and or proximity to steep slopes can block the signals.
If you have Google Earth (free download) on your computer you may find these files of interest. Unfortunately you cannot run them directly from the web. You need to right click on each file and choose "Save target as..." After you have saved the files to your computer, you can open them in Google Earth.

Past the lake, over the Kelly Hump, up the Osprey cutoff past Monahan's, back to the barn.
Down to the base of Peepon Lake, up to the Antenna Hill overlook, above Brent's and back to the barn
Moving Cattle. Out to the lower Moses field, along the road past Pete's ranch, along the road and up the hill to the ranch.
Past the lake, over the Kelly Hump, along the Peepon Lake Overlook road, across above Brent's house, up to the ranch
Down to the river, lunch at Bute Cove, back via Buterac's fields, up to the ranch via Huberts
Past the lake to Sleepy Hollow, back along Crown Creek, up to the ranch via the Belshazzer Road (some errors on the second part of this trail)
Down the slope, past Pence's, to Rose Ranch back via Crown Creek Road and Belshazzer Road

And looking ahead: Bull Hill Fall 2011 will be Sunday October 30th to
Friday November 4th, 2011 (Dates revised 7/8/11)