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Bull Hill Guest Ranch
October 2010
Saturday October 9th to
Sunday October 17th, 2010

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Bull Hill 2011 is set for Saturday June 18 - Sunday June 26th - make plans now!

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Google Earth Files
If you have Google Earth (free download) on your computer you may find these files of interest. Unfortunately you cannot run them directly from the web. You need to right click on each file and choose "Save target as..." After you have saved the files to your computer, you can open them in Google Earth.

There are three types of files
"As recorded" - the gps log is accurate and shows our actual route
"Edited" - the gps log had some major errors that were edited out
"Recreated" - there was no gps log and the route was manually recreated. These files are not as accurate as the two types above.

Saturday 10/9
(Recreated) Monahan's, New Trail, Kelly Humps, Barton's Corner, Lake. A nice warm up ride.

Sunday 10/10
No general ride, rainy day (Tom did go out for a ride)

Monday 10/11
(Edited) Over to Butorac's Fields, up and over to the clear cuts, back down past Slim's and then back to the ranch

Tuesday 10/12
(As recorded) Pepoon Canyon, south to north

Wednesday 10/13
(Edited) Rose Ranch via Crown Creek Road

Thursday 10/14
(As recorded) Moses Overlook via the south end of Pepoon lake

Friday 10/15
(Recreated). Up to Rose Ranch via West Fork of Crown Creek

Saturday 10/16
(As recorded) Down to Lake Roosevelt via China Bend Winery and then south along the river to Flat Creek. Then back via Butorac's fields