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Washington, Oregon, British Columbia 2004
July 4 - 18, 2004

After a wonderful week at Bull Hill Guest Ranch Bert, Les, and Ed spent two weeks exploring parts of the Northwest. After leaving the ranch, we drove west across Washington and took a ferry to Victoria Island, BC. After leaving there by ferry, we explored the Olympic Peninsula before heading to Tacoma. There we stayed with Carol Kovanda and Mark Ludvigson. While there, we also enjoyed the hospitality of Sabine Speer and Tom Plumley. Tom was kind enough to take us for a private plane ride over Mt. St. Helens. Even though it was mostly obscured by clouds, it was quite an adventure.

Leaving Tacoma, we visited Mt. Rainer and Mt St. Helens before heading to Oregon. Our primary destination was Coos Bay where we visited with Shirley (Bert's niece), TJ, Justin, and Nicole. They had been transferred there by the Coast Guard only days before. Working our way north we visited Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge.

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