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Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve at the Spencer's house
Christmas Day at home
"Cousin's Christmas" at the Filemyr/Smith's house

Pictures by Ed, Les, and Bert Filemyr

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Christmas Eve at the Spencers - December 24th
2009Christmas_01 2009Christmas_02 2009Christmas_03
2009Christmas_04 2009Christmas_05 2009Christmas_06
2009Christmas_07 2009Christmas_08 2009Christmas_09
Christmas Day at home - December 25th
2009Christmas_10 2009Christmas_11 2009Christmas_12
2009Christmas_13 2009Christmas_14 2009Christmas_15
2009Christmas_16 2009Christmas_17 2009Christmas_18
Cousin's Christmas at the Filemyr/Smiths - December 26th
2009Christmas_19 2009Christmas_20 2009Christmas_21
2009Christmas_22 2009Christmas_23 2009Christmas_24
2009Christmas_25 2009Christmas_26 2009Christmas_27
2009Christmas_28 2009Christmas_29 2009Christmas_30
2009Christmas_31 2009Christmas_32 2009Christmas_33
2009Christmas_34 2009Christmas_35 2009Christmas_36