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Monday February 18 - Friday February 22, 2008
Our seventh, almost annual, adventure in Ontario for winter birds.
(Previous trips -
2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2001)

Post Trip Information
Trip Report by Connie Goldman
Species List
Trip Map
Pictures by Bert Filemyr
Pictures by Karl Lukens
Pictures by Connie Goldman
Pictures by Ann and Mac Scott

Updates "from the road"......
Update #1
Update #2
Update #3
Update #4
Update #5

Contact for more information

Karl Lukens, Bill Murphy, Bert Filemyr, Connie Goldman, Ann Scott, Mac Scott

Checklist - Bert
Gin - Bert
, Karl
General Planning - Bert
Loadmasters - Bill, Karl, Mac
Snacks - Ann, Connie
Trip Report - Connie
Expense keeping and financial reconciliation - Ann
Birdseed - Bert, Connie
Website - Bert
Van/Driving - Bert

(While this general plan is based on previous trips, this year we expect to try two major new areas - Wolfe Island and the Ottawa area)

Night in:
Straight driving distance:
Day 1
Monday Feb 18
Leave early am
Bird Wolfe Island
Leave Meadowbrook at 5:30 am. Quick stop for coffee, pick up Bill by 6 am. Pick up Ann and Mac by 6:40 am. Should be on Wolfe Island by mid afternoon. We will stay until dusk.
Wolfe Island Ferry
Comfort Inn
412 miles

Day 2
Tuesday Feb 19

Drive from Kingston to Ottawa concentrating on birding in the Ottawa area.

We will bird the Dupont hot ponds, then head for the Ottawa area. This is new area for us so we will need to do research and contact local birders.
Larose Forest
Ottawa Locations

Rocky Mountain House

Day 3
Wednesday Feb 20
Renfrew to Huntsville concentrating on Algonquin prk.
We will spend a little time in the Renfrew area but we will need to get to Algonquin. Unlike other years, we will only have one pass through the park.
Comfort Inn
Day 4
Thursday Feb 21
Work our way south from Huntsville to Niagara.
We will check feeders in the Huntsville/Bracebridge area then work down to Orillia. There we will enjoy the hospitailty of local birders. Hamilton Harbor will be checked for waterfowl.
Niagara Falls
Hampton Inn
205 miles

Day 5
Friday Feb 22

Bird Niagara area, spots on the way home.
We will check along the Niagara River for any reported rairites. On the way home we may stop at Batavia Wastewater Treatment Plant and Montezuma NWR.
Home sweet home


Timing –
Monday Morning
Karl will spend Sunday night at Bert’s.
Connie will arrive at Bert’s by 5:30 am
Quick stop for coffee and then pick up Bill by 6:00 am.
We will stop at the Quakertown Turnpike exit or the Lansdale Turnpike exit about 6:35-6:45 for Ann and Mac
Friday Afternoon
We should be back in the Philadelphia area by late afternoon
First morning - We will be taking the PA turnpike northbound. We will make a stop along the way for bathrooms and coffee, but will not be stopping for a "full breakfast"
This will be a trip of quick lunches (mostly Tim Horton's). Feel free to bring lunch for the first day, but we will be stopping before we take the ferry to Wolfe Island.
Dinners will be at appropriate restaurants.
We have three rooms each night. Bert and Karl in a double. Ann and Connie in a double, Bill and Mac in a double. All lodging costs will be split equally.
Locations will be posted
Documentation - IMPORTANT
Bring your passport. You need this to enter Canada and then to reenter the US.
Gas, Tolls, etc.
Since this is a “shared expenses trip” we will keep track of tolls, gas, parking, etc. After the trip we will figure out each person’s share.
Weather Contingency Plan
We are going.
Dress warm, we all know the drill.
Since there are six of us, we will be using a hardshell rooftop carrier to supplement room in the van.
This is not a scope intensive trip. Bert will have his. Connie and Karl will undoubtedly bring theirs. For Bill, Ann and Mac, it is your call.
A checklist has been made up and we will do the traditional evening compilation each night. Lead person for each night: Monday – Connie, Tuesday – Ann, Wednesday – Bill, Thursday - Karl, Friday - group effort as we drive home.
Feel free to bring cassettes or CDs for the ride. Bert will have his iPod. (You have been warned!)



Algonquin Park
Huntsville, Ontario
Huntsville Forester (local newspaper)

Amherst Island Owl Woods
Muskoka Bird Board

Simcoe Bird Board
Ontario Listserv
Ontario Birding
Muskoka Field Naturalists
Ontario Field Ornithologists
Ottawa Birding

Weather / Road Conditions
Highway Conditions
Online temperature conversion

Muskoka Snowmobile Region
Canadian Curling Association
3 Guys and a Stove