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January 23 - 27, 2006
Bert Filemyr; Connie Goldman; Jane Henderson; Karl Lukens

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Trip Report by Connie Goldman
Species List

Pictures by Bert Filemyr
Pictures by Connie Goldman
Pictures by Jane Henderson
Pictures by Karl Lukens

Pre Trip Information

General Concept

Leave Monday morning January 23, 2006. We will bird Amherst Island, Algonquin Park, the Huntsville area, possibly the Brantford area, and the Niagara area. We will chase any rarities that interest us. We will be back Friday during the day.


Night in:
Distance from Previous night
Day 1
Monday 1/23
Drive to Kingston
Amherst Island
The Owl Woods Kingston
Comfort Inn
390 miles
Day 2
Tuesday 1/24
Kingston Area, Road to Algonquin Park, Algonquin Park   Huntsville
Comfort Inn
199 miles
Day 3
Wednesday 1/25
Algonquin Park   Huntsville
Comfort Inn
Day 4
Thursday 1/26

Area east of Algonquin Park, Brantford, Niagara River,

  Niagara Falls Hampton Inn 274 miles
Day 5
Friday 1/27
Niagara River, drive home   Home 408 miles


Timing –
Monday Morning
Karl will spend Sunday night at Bert’s.
Connie will arrive at Bert’s by 5:30 am
Quick stop for coffee and then pick up Jane by 6:00 am.
Friday Afternoon
We should be back in the Philadelphia area by late afternoon
We will be taking the PA turnpike northbound. The first place for bathrooms/coffee is Allentown. The next place is Hickory Run. If you want to have a full "breakfast", plan on having it before you get in the van. We will be stopping for coffee and bathroom breaks.
This will be a trip of fast food lunches. We will be stopping as necessary. Feel free to bring lunch for the first day, but we will be stopping.
Dinners will be at appropriate restaurants.
We have four rooms each night. Bert and Karl in a double. Bill, Jane and Connie each in singles.
Locations are on the website.
Documentation - IMPORTANT
Bring your passport. You need this to enter Canada and then to reenter the US.
Gas, Tolls, etc.
Since this is a “shared expenses trip” we will keep track of tolls, gas, parking, etc. After the trip we will figure out each person’s share.
Weather Contingency Plan
We are going.
Dress warm, we all know the drill.
This is not a scope intensive trip. Bert will have his. Connie and Karl will undoubtedly bring theirs. For Jane and Bill, it is your call.
A checklist has been made up and we will do the traditional evening compilation each night. Lead person for each night: Monday – Connie, Tuesday – Jane, Wednesday – Bill, Thursday - Karl
Feel free to bring cassettes or CD for the ride. Bert will have his iPod.

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