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Ontario 2005
January 24-27, 2005
Bert Filemyr - Karl Lukens
Bill Murphy - Naomi Murphy
Adrian Binns - Connie Goldman
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Post Trip Section
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Images and video clips by Bert Filemyr
Images by Karl Lukens
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Pre Trip Section


On this Page - Updates, Weather, Previous Trips, General Concept, Details, Links


1/23/04 - Heavy east coast snow storm should not be a problem. Refer to Weather Contingency Plan
- Thinking about Tuesday
- Began checking in with birding contacts in Ontario.
1/1/05 -
Connie accepted the invitation and will be part of this adventure.
12/31/04 -
Gravenhurst- Bracebridge CC (held 12/19/04)
12/31/04 -
Algonquin Park CC (held 12/30/04)
- Jane Henderson will be unable to join us due to the expected birth of a baby in the family. An invitation to join us has been extended to Connie Goldman.
12/31/04 - Rooms have been booked for Monday (Kingston), Tuesday and Wednesday (Huntsville) nights. In the past we have stayed at the Peachtree Inn in Kingston. This year we are trying a new place to save a few dollars.

Current Weather Conditions

Quick Conversion

Previous Ontario Winter Birding Adventures


General Concept

Leave Monday morning January 24, 2005. We will bird Amherst Island, Algonquin Park, the Huntsville area, possibly the Brantford area, and the Niagara area. We will chase any rarities that interest us. Unless there is a major situation we will be back by late Thursday night.


This plan is only a starting point. We are flexible.

  a. Karl, Bert, Adrian, Connie leave Bert's house by 5:30 am. A quick stop at a Wawa for coffee on the way to the Murphys
b. We pick up Bill and Naomi and are on the road by 6:00 am.
c. We stop at the Allentown Service Plaza on the Turnpike for coffee.
  Drive directly to Amherst Island Ferry (Millhaven). We plan to catch the 1:30 ferry.  
  Bird Amherst Island and Owl Woods until after dusk  
  Night in Kingston, at the Comfort Inn
Probably dinner at Kelseys
  Drive to Huntsville via Port Hope (Hawk-Owl) and Peterborough (Great Gray Owls)  
  Bird Ontario south of Algonquin Park and then bird through Algonquin Park  

Night in Huntsville, at the Comfort Inn
Dinner at a local place

  Since we will be two nights in Huntsville, we will not have luggage with us this day.  
  Bird the park road east to the East entrance then bird the park road west back to Huntsville.  
  Night in Huntsville, at the Comfort Inn
Dinner at a local place

Bird the Huntsville/Bracebridge/Gravenhurst area and start heading south. We may choose to stop at Brantford and/or the Niagara River.

In 2003 we we left Midland in the morning, did Wye Marsh, Brantford, and the Niagara River. We left the Niagara area at dusk and were home around 1 am.

We will be flexible. If there are good birds around, we will head for them. If birding is quiet we would get home Thursday evening. If there are enough good birds around we might choose to stay on the road Thursday night and then come home Friday morning.


On Monday 1/24, we will be on the road by 6 am. We will be getting on 309 and then the PA Turnpike northbound. The first place for bathrooms/coffee is Allentown. The next place is Hickory Run. If you want to have a full "breakfast", plan on having it before you get in the van. There are no Dunkin Donuts on the turnpike, but there will be coffee and things at the rest stops.

This will be a trip of fast food lunches. We will be stopping as necessary. Feel free to bring lunch for the first day, but we will be stopping.

Dinners will be at appropriate restaurants. Kelsey's has been the traditional Monday night place.


We will have four rooms (Bert and Karl, Bill and Naomi, Adrian, Connie). Bert has booked the rooms.

Documentation - IMPORTANT

Bring your passport or original Birth Certificate. You need this to enter Canada and then to reenter the US.

Gas, Tolls, etc.

Since this is a “shared expenses trip” we will keep track of tolls, gas, parking, etc. After the trip we will figure out each person’s share. Individuals will pay for their rooms and food as we go.

Weather Contingency Plan

We are going.


Dress warm, we all know the drill.

We will be on the road by 6 am on Monday the 24th.
We will be driving directly to Amherst Island - a six to seven hour ride. Lunch will be around noon in northern NY. We will catch the 1:30 ferry over to the Amherst Island. When we get there we will be birding. Hopefully Owl Woods will be easily accessible. That means we will be out of the car and into the woods.
Each person will have to determine what they want to wear for the ride up. There are no places to change at Amherst Island but it will be possible to add layers on the ferry ride or when we park at Owl Woods.


This is not a scope intensive trip. One scope will be enough and we can determine who will bring theirs.


Bert will put his hard shell roof carrier on the van. This will create more room in the van. Pack in soft sided units. They will pack better.


A check list has been made up and we will do the traditional evening compilation each night.


Feel free to bring cassettes or CDs for the ride. Bert has hours and hours of music on his iPod (Consider yourself warned!).


If you have any questions - ask.
Bert, Bill, and Karl were on last year's trip so they know how things will play out.


Algonquin Park
Huntsville, Ontario
Huntsville Forester (local newspaper)

Amherst Island Owl Woods
Muskoka Bird Board

Simcoe Bird Board
Ontario Listserv
Ontario Birding
Muskoka Field Naturalists
Ontario Field Ornithologists
Ottawa Birding

Weather / Road Conditions
Kingston Weather
Huntsville Weather
Muskoka Weather
Bracebridge Weather
Niagara Weather
Highway Conditions

Muskoka Snowmobile Region
Canadian Curling Association