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June 3-16, 2004 - 14 days/13 nights

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by Naomi Murphy
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Update 5/25/04
Not in any particular order.

1. Make sure you have a passport (or original Birth Certificate) with you. You should also have a second piece of photo ID like a Drivers License.

2. When we arrive in Winnipeg, we will pick up the van, and then directly go birding. Our first stop is Oak Hammock Marsh (http://www.ducks.ca/ohmic/), about 20 miles from the airport. When we get there we will have a chance to dig out scopes and bins but not to change clothes. So travel in what you are comfortable birding in the first afternoon.

3. Adrian has the tickets for the internal flights and the train.

4. Bring small flashlights. This is in case we need them on the Yellow Rail adventure. We will not be bring a large Q-beam.

5. Karl...please bring your two radios.

6. Since we are all young, athletic, and agile we will not be bringing a stool for getting in and out of the van.

7. We will not have a cooler with us as we start. If we find we need one and we have space for one, we will pick up one as we go. It would probably be a Styrofoam one and will squeak like hell.

8. I (Bert) will bring necessary tapes of birds. I will also have a copy of Sibley Junior. If you want a Sibley Senior, bring it.

9. Adrian will bring a book on reptiles and a book on mammals.

10. Bill and Naomi......please bring any necessary butterfly books. (Glassberg?)

11. Adrian has sent to everyone their e-tickets for the flights to and from Winnipeg. (Bob...you should have yours already). These tickets were sent to you originally on 10/30/03. Adrian re-sent them earlier today. If you have not received that message, speak up!

12. Even though these flights are on Continental Airlines, they specifically say "Check-in at the NORTHWEST AIRLINES COUNTER". That means we check-in at the Northwest Airlines counter in Philadelphia.

14. There has been a couple of flight time changes. Specifically:
Our flight CO # 5121 leaves Philadelphia at 6:15AM

Our return flight CO # 5619 now arrives at Philadelphia at 10:35PM

New Flight Schedule is as follows........
CO # 5121 Phila 6:15AM - Min/St Paul 8:01
CO # 5791 Min/St Paul 9:00AM - Winnipeg 10:30AM

CO # 5446 Winnipeg 3:55PM - Min/St Paul 5:17PM
CO # 5619 Min/St Paul 6:56PM - Phila 10:35PM

15. Ask if you have and questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update 5/18/04
Accommodation / laundry information posted.

Update 5/3/04
Adrian has expressed a concern about fitting all ten of us plus luggage into the van. We need to be conscious of the amount of luggage we take.

Update 3/18/04
Adrian has confirmed all hotels, vehicles and flights. This includes including making the seat requests for the Continental/NW flights (though not for Bob as he made his own flight arrangements).

Update 3/17/04
Final Calm Air flight payment has been charged to the credit cards.

Update 11/5/03
Winnipeg/Thompson and Churchill/Winnipeg have been booked.
Ground transportation has been confirmed.

Update 10/29/03
Flights between Philadelphia and Winnipeg (Round trip) have been booked

Update 10/7/03
Expectations page has been updated.

Update 9/17/03
Bob Krinsky has accepted our invitation to be the 10th participant.

Update 9/9/03
Website updated based on Adrian's General Information sheet. E-mail sent to each participant outlining current planning.

Update 6/10/03
Sandy Sherman has passed away. Our prayers are with her family. We will miss her.

Update 5/22/03
As per an e-mail sent to each participant, please contact Adrian with credit card information so that the seats on the Thompson/Churchill train can be reserved. This must be done on or before 6/3/03.

Another birding adventure begins!

In the tradition of "Texas 1999 - birds, beer, and mexican food", "2001: A Chicken Odyssey", and "The Niagara Falls Birding Weekend 2002", another adventure is on the horizon!
This one will take us to the Canadian Province of Manitoba.

Starting and ending in Winnipeg, we will explore the boreal forests, the farmland/parkland region, and the coastal tundra of Manitoba. We are including one day in Thompson and several days in the historic town of Churchill on the shores of Hudson's Bay. A trip list of 220 bird species is possible. In addition to the emphasis on birds, we will seek out mammals, butterflies, dragonflies, reptiles, and amphibians.

For information email or call:
Adrian Binns - wildlifegd AT aol DOT com / 215 364-1285
Bert Filemyr - afilemyr AT comcast DOT net / 215-379-6359

As demonstrated on previous trips, your leaders (Adrian and Bert) will be always be on alert.
Nothing will escape their keen eyes and hearing.
Adrian scans for a Muscovy Duck alongside the Rio Grande Bert listens for a Chuckar in western Colorado