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Kirtland's Warbler Cavort 2005
A targeted trip from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Mio, Michigan to see Dendroica kirtlandii

Kirtland's Warbler photographed by Karl Lukens
8 am June 8, 2005 near Mio, Michigan

June 6 - 10, 2005

Bert Filemyr
Karl Lukens
Connie Goldman
Bill Murphy
Jane Henderson

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Pre Trip Information



On this Page - Updates, General Concept, Details, Links

2/12/05 - Serious planning begins
2/23/05 - Kirtland's Warbler Tour reservations made.
2/28/05 - Daily activity planning worked on and distributed to participants
2/28/05 - Agreement reached to make this a five day adventure
3/31/05 - Motel reservations made in Mio, Michigan
5/4/05 - Booked motels for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights

5/24/04 - Final planning begins

General Concept

Drive to the Mio, Michigan and participate in a tour to view the Kirtland's warbler on breeding grounds. Drive home.

Details. Last revised 5/25/05

Final plan (Revised 6/13/05 to reflect the actual trip)

Leave Flourtown area at 5:00 am. Drive to Shiawassee NWR near Saginaw MI (675 miles 9.5 hours) arriving about 2:30 pm. Bird the NWR (walking trails).
Drive to motel in Saginaw Michigan (13 miles 20 minutes) arriving about 6 pm.

Fairfield Inn
Saginaw MI

Up and out early.
Drive from the Saginaw to northern Bay County (43 miles, 40 minutes) Bird the farm fields in this area.
Drive to Nayanquing Point State Recreation Area (24 miles, 30 minutes). Bird the Impoundments and shoreline.
Drive to Tawas Point State Park (56 miles, 1.25 hours) Bird the shoreline.
Drive to motel in Mio MI (61 miles, 1.25 hours). We will stop at various locations in the Mio area if time permits.

Mio Motel
Mio MI

Participate in the 7 am Kirtland's Warbler Tour at the Mio MI Ranger Station.
Bird Hartwick Pines State Park and the Wagner Lake area near Mio.
Drive from Mio to motel near Toledo OH (230 miles, 3.5 hours)

Microtel Inn
Northwood OH

Thursday 6/9

Up and out early
Bird Mausee State Park, Magee Marsh Wildlife Area in the Crane Creek State Park, and the Ottawa NWR (22 miles, 30 minutes)
Drive to motel near Clarion PA (230 miles, 3.75 hours)

Microtel Inn Clarion PA

Up and out early
Drive to the Clarion PA area
Bird the reclaimed strip mine grasslands.
Drive from Clarion PA to Philadelphia area (298 miles, 4 hours)
Expecting to arrive home late afternoon, early evening.



We will be on the road by early Monday morning. We will be getting on westbound PA Turnpike. There will be coffee and things at the rest stops.

We will be stopping as necessary. Feel free to bring lunch for the first day, but we will be stopping.

Dinners will be at "birder casual" restaurants.


Bert, Karl - double room
Bill - single room
Connie - single room
Jane - single room

Gas, Tolls, etc.

Since this is a “shared expenses trip” we will keep track of tolls, gas, parking, etc. After the trip we will figure out each person’s share. Individuals will pay for their rooms and food as we go.

Weather Contingency Plan

We are going.

Clothing, etc.

Spring time birding in the Michigan area can have cool temperatures. Be flexible.

Prepare for bugs.


This is not a scope intensive trip. Bert, Connie and Karl are planning on bring scopes. Jane and Bill can if they want their own

Sunrise / Sunset

For central Michigan on 5/30/05 (All times EDT)
Begin civil twilight - 5:22 am
Sunrise - 5:58 am

Sunset - 9:16 pm
End civil twilight - 9:52 am


Bert will remove one of his back seats. This will create more room in the van. Pack in soft sided units. They will pack better.


A check list will made up and we will do the traditional compilation each evening.


Feel free to bring cassettes or CDs for the ride. Bert has hours and hours of music on his iPod (Consider yourself warned!).


If you have any questions - ask.


The Huron Manistee National Forest

Kirtland's Warblers Tours Press Release

Weather / Road Conditions