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a chicken odyssey

Original Artwork by Adrian Binns  

April 13 - 22, 2001
Follow our adventures on the Updates From The Road Page.

Odyssey - "A long wandering, usually accompanied by many changes of fortune"

The focus of this spring trip to Colorado will be to witness 5 species of Grouse performing some of the most fascinating mating rituals in the bird world. We'll visit the display grounds or "leks" of the Greater Prairie-Chicken, Lesser Prairie-Chicken, Sage Grouse, Gunnison Sage Grouse and Sharp-tailed Grouse as well as a search for Blue Grouse, White-tailed Ptarmigan and Chukarthe ultimate chicken odyssey.

Updates from the road.
We will attempt to post pictures and commentary while on the trip. Check here for updates.

Adrian Binns - Leader
Erica Brendel

Bert Filemyr
Lynn Jackson
Karl Lukens

Martin Selzer
Chris Walters
Frank Windfelder

Resource Pages
Specific Daily Information - these files represent changes in the plan made on 4/10/01.
A complete set of daily plans is available in the Final Plan *.pdf file.
Day 1
Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10

General Information
Official 2001: a chicken odyssey Checklist (*.pdf format)
Information on Colorado Grouse
Checklists from Previous Trips (updated)
Target Birds
Tapes we are taking
Checklist of Colorado Birds
Colorado Butterflies in April
Official Gear!

* The *.pdf document format is a standard format that allows documents to be displayed on multiple platforms. In order to read a document that is in *.pdf format you must download and install the free Acrobat Reader available from the Adobe Corporation.

Taking "things".
1. We will have four radios with us. This will help us keep track of each other as we wade through "thigh deep snow".
2. Adrian will have maps, National Geo., ABA guide, and a book on mammals. Decide what you want to bring and check with your roommate. There is no sense in bringing multiple copies of books.
3. Adrian will bring a Torch/Q-beam. This will be useful for looking in motel windows, or owling.
4. Bert will bring a digital camera and Adrian a film camera. Others will probably want to bring other cameras.
5. Bring any duck stamps, golden eagle passes, senior citizen passes, etc. that you might have.

6. Between us we have many excellent scopes. We probably do not need more than four for the eight of us. Who wants to be a "scope bearer"?
Gerry Dewaghe wrote to Adrian:
"Do not limit the number of scopes, specially if you have avid birders, I almost got divorced on the first CO trip because I talked Chris into leaving her scope at home since we had the Questar. 5 scopes for 6 was not enough!!! Since there is ample opportunities to use them. Beware of Scope Hogs.
7. Karl will probably bring a video camera..
8. Here is a list of tapes we will have. Please let Bert know if you think we need other sounds.

9. Karl and Adrian will bring window mounts for scopes.

10. Remember to bring a photo ID for the flight checkin.
11. Bert will bring a simple First Aid Kit.
12. Erica is bring the Audubon (photo) guide to NA B-flies and the Peterson series guide to Rocky Mt. Wildflowers.
13. Martin has agreed to take care of writing daily updates.

Flight Information
American Airlines
April 13 :
Flight 1057 - departs PHL 6:33 am - arrives Chicago 7:46 am
Flight 2077 - departs Chicago 8:40 am - arrives Denver 10:18 am
April 22:
Flight 1704 - departs Denver 5:40 pm- arrives Chicago 9:03 pm
Flight 1738 - departs Chicago 9:55 pm - arrives Philly 12:48 am on the 23rd
Bert, Adrian, Erica, Martin, Lynn, Chris, Karl
April 13
Flight 0029 - departs PHL 6:07 am - arrives St. Louis 7:41 am (Seats 17ABDEF)
Flight 0457 - departs St. Louis 8:56 am - arrives Denver 10:21 am (Seats 17F, 18EF, 19EF)
April 22
Flight 0054 - departs Denver 5:45 pm - arrives St Louis 8:45 pm (Seats 11EF, 12DEF)
Flight 0446 - departs St. Louis 9:30 pm - arrives PHL 12:33 am on the (23rd Seats 16EF, 17DEF)

seat selections are for Bert, Adrian, Martin, Lynn and Karl.
Chris got his seat selections on 4/4 He is in the same area as the five mentioned in the previous line.
Erica has her seat selections. 14C, 14C, 11C, 14C

Getting To and From The Airport
Frank gets to and from the Airport on his own.
Chris gets to and from the Airport on his own.
Adrian get to Bert's house at 3:30 am. Adrain leaves his car there for Jane to pick up. They drive in Bert's van to Karl's house and pick him up by 3:40 am. Then to Martin's by 3:55. The three of them drive to Lynn's, picking her up. The five of them go to Erica's, arriving 10 minutes later, and pick her up and proceed to the Airport. This gives us plenty of time to drop the van at a long tem parking facility. This makes 6 people in the van. With gear it is "very full". Bert's van is put in long term parking at the airport and the cost is split six ways.

We will reverse the process for getting home. Adrian will arrange a car to be at Bert's.

Websites of Interest:
Colorado Birding List Serve
Gunnison Sage Grouse

Colorado Birding Society
Birding in Colorado
Virtual Birder Colorado Information
Where to Watch Birds in Colorado
Sunrise and Sunset Times

Denver International Airport
Philadelphia International Airport
American Airlines

Weather in Colorado
Current Colorado Radar Image
Current Colorado Surface Map
Colorado Precipitation Forecast
Colorado Weather Forecasts

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